Personal accident insurance

Purpose of insurance
Insurable Interests related to the life and health of the Insured.

Insurable objects
Any individual

Insurance occurrences
An accident resulting in the death of the insured person, permanent or partial disability. Emergency medical transportation and repatriation of the insured.

Insurance risks
As a result of the accident: death; loss of one or more limbs, one or both eyes; permanent total disability;

    Insurance exclusions
  • Injuries to the insured as a result of the following cases are exclusions.
  • The insured is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or toxic substances
  • Injuries received as a result of the Insured driving any vehicle without the driver's license;
  • Intentional physical harm, suicide or attempted suicide of the Insured; Nuclear explosion, exposure to radioactive or other radiation; Earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters, epidemics;
  • Unless otherwise provided by the insurance contract, the Insured is engaged in any sport related to participation in trainings and sports competitions.

Sum insured
The sum insured is determined depending on the choice of the insured.

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is calculated based on the insurance rates.

The deductible is not applied to this type of insurance.

Territory of insurance coverage
The insurance coverage is valid only in the territory specified in the insurance contract.