General liability insurance

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Liability insurances
In the course of conducting its activity, the company may face the situations when in accordance with the civil legislation it is obliged to identify for material damage or hazard to the life and health of third parties inadvertently caused by it. The protection against such situations and associated financial expenses can be secured by obtaining the relevant insurance protection from Qala Insurance:

Professional liability insurance
This insurance policy provides for compensation for loss caused to third parties in connection with performing professional activity.

Employer liability insurance
This insurance policy protects the property interests of the insured, who is bearing responsibility for harm caused to employees in performance of their job responsibilities.

Third party liability insurance
This type of insurance covers civil liability of the insured for the damage to health, life or property of third parties. Scope of cover: Reimbursement of Insured's expenses connected with the damage to health, life or property of third parties, Reimbursement of all legal expenses of Insured.

Product Liability
For the damages (claimant costs, duties and expenses inclusive) as a result of injuries and illnesses incurred to the third parties as a result of product use within term of insurance Insurer shall undertake the obligation to make the insurance payments (independent of whether included in the insurance coverage by the contract, with exception of coverages stipulated under Sections A, B and D) for the Insured for the legal liabilities payable in accordance with provisions of the Insurance Contract.