“Evimiz Qalamızdır”

The product is an agile insurance method suitable for different budgets for individuals.

  • movable real estate;
  • internal repair works;
  • insurance against civil liability arising from the misuse of real estate.
Insurance (guarantee) amounts and insurance premiums for personal movable property, interior renovation and property management liability insurance:
  For movable property For internal renovation Liability insurance for the operation of the property
Sum insured Insurance premium Sum insured Insurance premium Sum insured Insurance premium
Variant 1 5000 18 5000 18 5000 18
Variant 2 8000 36 8000 36 8000 36
Variant 3 10000 48 10000 48 10000 48

Insured risks:

  • Section 1.2. Fire, lightning, explosion, debris from aircraft and other air transport, storm, hail, flood, flowing water from any tank or pipe, animal and any through a blow received by a road traffic accident, theft or attempted theft, third party bias actions;
  • Section 3. "In the event of a fire occurring in the apartment (including damages resulting from firefighting measures), explosion, or any harm to the life, health, or property of third parties due to the flow of water from any channel or pipe, the occurrence of the Insured's civil liability."
  • No franchise is applied.
  • Insurance coverage is provided for real estate owned by the Insured for residential purposes only.
  • Movable properties indicated in the "Insured Subject" section are covered by insurance only when located at the address specified in the "Location of the Insured Subject" section.
  • Items such as valuable paintings, art pieces, books, manuscripts, sculptures, decorative items, collections, carpets, and similar items, models, molds, plans, and sketches, invention patents, documents, accounting and other documents, cash, stocks, bonds, valuable papers, all kinds of gold and silver, items made from them, other valuable jewelry, precious stones, pearls, and other valuable items are not included in insurance coverage.
  • Insurance coverage for damages and liability incurred to the insured property during repair and construction works is not provided.
  • Beneficiary(s) of civil liability insurance against third parties are considered to be the victim(s).
  • Internal repair works include the following: - electrical works, - plastering and painting of walls and ceilings with plaster, wallpaper, or other decorative elements (except for exceptions, such as hitting the ceiling with a hammer or a similar tool), - laying the surface layer of the ceiling and floor covering regardless of the type of building material (parquet, wood, laminate, drywall, suspended ceiling, carpet, tiles, metal, marble, etc.) (except for works to be carried out on the lower layer under the ceiling and floor covering), - repair or replacement of external windows and internal doors, - no other repair work, except for the above-mentioned repair works, is included in the coverage, and their replacement with new ones is not covered by insurance.
  • Excluding claims for indirect damages.
  • Liability for property under the care, protection and control of the insured is excluded.
  • Insurance coverage is not provided for damages incurred to leased property and liability arising from the use of that property.