“Healthy Life“ (Sağlam Həyat)

“Healthy Life“ product is a medical insurance program.

The product is intended for corporate customers only.

It provides an opportunity to benefit from medical services in the amount of 10 000 AZN during the year.

Additional coverage - unlimited annual subscription in elite gyms of the capital through “Push30”.

The program includes the following medical services:

Medical service Limits
Emergency services (including medical transportation and evacuation) unlimited
Urgent in-patient services (treatment in a hospital) 5 000 AZN
Medicine supply for in-patient services unlimited
Urgent out-patient treatment unlimited
Medicine supply for urgent out-patient treatment 200 AZN
Urgent dental care 100 AZN
Medical equipment, orthopedic devices, corsets and etc. 100 AZN
Urgent vaccination -
Physiotherapy 10 procedures
Annual medical check-up once per insurance period
Flu vaccination once per insurance period
Vitaminization once per insurance period