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Purpose of the present insuranse
Compensation for physical damages to motor vehicle as a result of a insurance accident.

A legal entity having permission to conclude a contract for this type of insurance.

Insured motor vehicles

  • Cars and trucks
  • Buses and minibuses
  • Tractors and road construction equipment
Insurance accident
Vehicle insurance covering the payment of insurance compensation in full or partially, caused to the property interests of the insured as a result of damage, destruction, hijacking or theft of the vehicle.

Insurance risks
Loss as a result of road traffic accident, thrown or dropped items, illegal acts of third parties, theft, robbery and stealing, fire and explosion, natural disasters, actions of animals.

Exclusions from insurance coverage

  • Losses as a result of war, all types of military operations, aggression of the external enemy, hostilities (regardless of whether war was declared or not), civil war, riots, administrative and military measures taken to prevent and suppress them.
  • Losses as a result of any nuclear explosion, radiation and radioactive contamination, as well as related administrative and military measures.
  • Tire damage from buckling, punctures, cuts or ruptures.
  • Decrease of the market value of the car.
  • Any repair or replacement that improves the condition of the vehicle compared to its condition before the insurance accident.
  • Loss of profit or other consequential losses.
  • If the loss or damage was not caused by the insurance risk, gradual deterioration of condition, inseparable defects, hidden defects, damage from any insects and pests, littering, pollution, normal deterioration, atmospheric humidity and drought, temperature and humidity changes, thick fog, deformation, evaporation, weight loss, wet or dry decay, change or damage to color, texture or gloss.
  • If the loss or damage was not caused by the insurance risk, freezing, mechanical, electrical or electronic failure.
  • Deliberate actions of the Insured in connection with the voluntary transfer of the vehicle or ownership of it.
  • Driving in a state of toxic, alcoholic or drug intoxication, except the cases of violent unlawful seizure.
  • Usage of motor vehicles for training and racing purposes, speed racing, speed testing, rallying, rental, stability testing, and the operation and sale of motor vehicles.

Notifying the insurer about the insurance accident
In case of insurance accident, the Insured must immediately notify the insurance company.

Sum insured
Sum insured is determined by the insurance contract concluded between the parties, based on the real market value (insurance value) of the vehicle. If the sum insured specified in the contract is less than the insurance value (in case of incomplete insurance), the insurer shall indemnify for the damage in proportion to the sum insured.

If the sum insured specified in the insurance contract exceeds the insured value, the contract is invalid in the part where the insured amount exceeds the insurance value.

Insurance premium
The insurance premium is calculated based on the insurance rates. Insurance rates are determined depending on the market value of the vehicle, the driver's age and driving experience, the type of vehicle, the year of manufacture and other factors that may affect the risk assessment. The insurance premium can be paid fully or, by agreement of the parties, partially.

  • According the insurance contract deductible can be applied
  • Deductible is applied to each insurance risk and each insurance accident
  • If deductible is applied, it is deducted from the loss amount

Territory of insurance coverage
The insurance coverage is valid only within the territory specified in the insurance contract.

Period of the insurance contract
The insurance comes into force at 24:00 on the day of payment of the first installment or full premium, but not earlier than on the day of the beginning of the insurance period specified in the contract, unless otherwise is specified in the insurance contract.

Regulation of disputes
Disputes arising from this law are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and judicially.

This rate scale can only be used for sedans, universal and hatchback vehicles.
  • For drivers under the age of 22 and / or with less than 1 year of driving experience, double deductible is applied
  • Minimum insurance premium - 250 AZN
  • As per the terms of the tariff scale, insurance coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

For insurance of the following vehicles, please apply to underwriter:
  • Coupe and cabriolet cars
  • Sport cars
  • Any exotic cars of exclusive production that do not have an official service and sales center in Azerbaijan
  • Cars with unconventional color finishes (matte, chameleon, scenic colors, etc.)
  • Cars with more than 10 cylinders
  • Any tuned car

As well as the following brands and models:
  • BMW – M series
  • Volkswagen – R line series
  • Mercedes Benz – Brabus tuning
  • Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Pontiac, Citroen, Bentley, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Saab

Note: If an official service for Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche is selected, then 0.1 coefficient will be added to the rate indicated in the corresponding table.