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There is a question that concerns everyone who owns a car - from which company and on what terms should I get comprehensive insurance?

In addition to the classic comprehensive insurance coverage of the insurance contract, the combination of various services and guarantees may be the best choice for the client looking for the ideal insurance coverage.

"Qala Sigorta" OJSC offers car owners a comprehensive insurance product called "QALA" car club, which combines various types of expanded services and can be trusted by the customer on favorable terms.


"QALA Elite Club", presented by "Qala Sigorta" OJSC, is a type of service that provides comfort for car owners, consists of a set of various types of additional services and is one of the first in the insurance market. Customers who are members of the club will be able to enjoy the benefits provided by the membership card during the insurance period, as well as get a reliable comprehensive insurance coverage. The membership card issued to each member of the club also includes offers that can be used by all club members.

What advantages does becoming a club member give you?

Every client who is a member of the club can benefit from the following services:

1. Get Casco insurance with 20% discount
2. Ability to pay the total insurance premium for 6 consecutive months
3. Inspection of the technical condition of the car once during the insurance period by submitting a certificate by the service center
- Performed by the evaluation and repair department. Upon the customer's request, by submitting the car to one of the service centers we offer at a pre-agreed time, the customer receives a written certificate showing the results of electronic diagnostics of the car, visual inspection of the body and moving parts, including the required costs.
4. Organization of a taxi service to deliver the insured to the destination in the event of an insured event
Executed by the accident commissioner. If it is not possible to use the car after the insured event, it will be delivered to the address of the insured by the taxi service we cooperate with. The maximum distance of the direction can be 70 km.
5. Evacuation of the car from the scene of the insured event
- as in a standard casco product
6. Accident service - provision of evacuation and technical support in case of failure not related to the insured event
- Performed by the evaluation and repair department. If there is a need to evacuate the car due to a non-insured event (only in case of failure), the car is evacuated by our partner company to the address indicated by the insured. The maximum distance of the direction can be 70 km. Provision of technical support consists of arranging the service of a service center or a relevant specialist to eliminate the problem, in which case the service fee for the repair work will be paid by the insured.
7. 24/7 doctor's consultation and organization of medical service
- It will be implemented by the health insurance department. Analogy of health insurance services provided to the insured.
8. Casco insurance coverage in the territory of foreign countries within the agreed terms for a period of 10 (ten) days once during the insurance period by drawing up an addendum to the insurance certificate on the basis of the insured's application
- Insurance coverage in foreign countries is provided under the following conditions:
* Guarantee is provided only for casco insurance section;
* The risk of theft, robbery, kidnapping and robbery in the territory of foreign countries is not guaranteed.
9. Provision of free travel insurance for the insured and 20% discount on travel insurance for passengers when traveling in an insured car to the territory of foreign countries, agreed once for a period of 10 (ten) days during the insurance period
- to determine the way of payment of the insurance premium of the travel insurance policy for the insured
10. Fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency stop sign
- performed by the procurement department
11. Obtain comprehensive insurance for family members (father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, children) with a 20% discount for 6 consecutive months
12. 20% discount for all insured and family members (father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, children) on all voluntary insurance products of “Gala Sigorta” OJSC for individuals
13. 20% discount for all insured and family members (father, mother, sister, brother, spouse, children) on all voluntary insurance products of “Gala Hayat” Insurance Company OJSC for individuals
14. 20% discount at Viva confectionery, LaQuzu and CafeCity restaurants
15. Appointment of an individual curator who provides 24/7 services to the insured by “Gala Sigorta” OJSC and “Qala Hayat” Insurance Company OJSC
16. Collection of documents by the insurer from the state traffic police and other bodies
- is executed by the accident commissioner
17. Submission of annual reports of the club
- Executed by SPTAS. At the end of the underwriting year, a report on insurance premiums and insurance payments is prepared and sent to club members.

Customers who are members of Gala Auto Club will receive a total bonus of 25% of the company's income from the club, if at the end of the underwriting year the club's loss ratio does not exceed 60%. The bonus will be calculated separately for each member in proportion to the insurance premium paid by the club member and the total insurance premium collected for the club. The bonus can be used in the following order:

- In the form of a discount when renewing the insurance contract in the amount of the bonus received
- In the form of discounts on other voluntary insurance products
- In the form of expanding insurance coverage and increasing insurance limits

The insurance coverage provided by the club's members on kaxo insurance is provided in relation to the following risks:

Motor vehicle accident
Accidents resulting from the use of a vehicle, resulting in death or bodily injury, hitting animals or a stationary obstacle, as well as damage to any other property

Thrown or dropped object
Throwing, hitting or falling stones, snow, ice and other objects on the outer surface of the car, except in the case of damage to the paintwork in the form of dots without damaging parts of the car

Illegal actions of a third party
Theft, robbery, kidnapping and robbery

Fire and explosion
a) fire - combustion that causes material damage, regardless of the source of ignition, including the effects of high temperatures, fire products, as well as water, foam and other means used to extinguish the fire, as well as the direct effect of the fire; 
b) explosion - the process of rapid release of large amounts of energy from a limited space in a short time as a result of the tendency of gases to expand

Natural calamity
Floods, floods, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, storms, hail and other natural phenomena

The movement of animals
Movement of animals and birds, except for damage to the interior of the car